Type Certification

Type certification attests that your wind turbine or its components comply with all applicable directives and standards. Type certification includes an examination of the design documentation, an evaluation of the manufacturing and an evaluation of the prototype test. In addition, we check the design of the complete wind turbine (WTG) including the load assumptions, safety concept and all components such as the tower, rotor blades, machinery and electrical components.

With WindGuard Certification, you have a reliable partner at your side for the whole type certification process, onshore or offshore. Our experienced specialists are at your disposal for all questions regarding the type certification assessment.

Certification schemes for Type Certification

WindGuard Certification is accredited by the German Accreditation Authority (DAkkS) for the type certification of wind turbines and components according to the following schemes:


  • IECRE OD-501 (replacement of IEC 61400-22)
  • DNVGL-SE-0074 & DNVGL-SE-0441


  • DIBt 2012 (Germany) - Type Approval (Typenprüfung)

Thanks to many years of experience, the project managers and engineers at WindGuard Certification stand for a speedy and pragmatic assessment approach and will accompany you throughout the whole process of type certification. We focus on coordinated and structured communication at all stages, in order to provide you with optimal support and ensuring that certification will not impact the critical path of your project timeline.

Our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test laboratory offers you the measurements required for type certification (Type Measurements).

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German Type Approval (Typenprüfung)

A prerequisite for the approval of a wind turbine type under construction law in Germany is the Type Approval (Typenprüfung) in accordance with the guideline from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt). This primarily involves assessing the stability of the wind turbine tower and foundation over the design lifetime. Type approval can be carried out by a Prüfamt (testing office) recognised by the DIBt. As a rule, a valid type certificate must be presented.

To ensure the type approval of your wind turbine goes smoothly, the WindGuard Certification team of experts is happy to provide you with advice and support.

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