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In addition to the testing and certification services already described in detail, WindGuard Certification offers a wide range of other services. On this page you will find some examples of the further services we provide. Together we will find a solution for your individual task.

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Conformity Test according to TR 10

As a manufacturer, you must prove that your wind turbine assigns the correct shutdown status codes to the categories defined in the FGW guideline TR 10.

WindGuard Certification offers you the necessary certification of your technical solution for determining the site quality based on operating data - ensuring your plant is best equipped for the inspections required by the EEG after five, ten and fifteen years of operation.

Certification of Condition Monitoring Solutions

Today, more and more wind turbines are equipped with technical solutions for condition monitoring. For offshore wind turbines, a condition monitoring system (CMS) is mandatory worldwide.

As an accredited certification body, WindGuard Certification can offer to evaluate whether your CMS controller records and evaluates the stress on the components correctly. So that you can offer certified quality.

We also offer certification of monitoring bodies that can take over the permanent control and evaluation of the CMS data of the connected wind turbines.

Material, Product and Software Certifications

As a manufacturer, you want the best possible proof of quality for your product. WindGuard Certification offers to perform an assessment of your product, providing a verification of its conformity with the properties and performance characteristics stated in the specification.

The range of products for which we can certify includes monitoring and repair systems, control systems, lubrication systems and optical monitoring systems such as cameras or drones - to name just a few examples.

Your new software solution is also in good hands with WindGuard Certification. We will be happy to verify its performance against the specification and issue you with a certificate as proof of conformity.

We also offer material, product and software certifications beyond the boundaries of renewable energies to interested manufacturers in other sectors, for example in the fields of smart grid, e-mobility or aviation.

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