Project Certification

For your wind energy project, safety, reliability and profitability are no doubt your priorities at every stage - from planning through to construction, operation and decommissioning. With project certification, you not only ensure compliance with guidelines and requirements for the specific site, but you can also minimise potential risks.

Whether on land or at sea, project certification always begins with an assessment of the individual site conditions. The inspection of the design basis and support structure part of the certification process just as much as the evaluation of the various wind turbine components and other installations. This includes monitoring of the manufacturing, transport, installation and commissioning.


Deutsche WindGuard has been supporting offshore project developments and the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) since 2010. With its independent certification body (EN/ISO 17065) and its independent inspection body (EN/ISO 17020c), Deutsche WindGuard is a recognised certification body (Prüfbeauftragter) and inspection body (Prüfsachverständiger) for all trades and project phases in the German maritime zone in accordance with BSH Standard 7005:2015.

Certification schemes for Project Certification

WindGuard Certification is accredited to certify international offshore projects according to the following certification schemes:

  • EN/ISO 61400-22
  • BSH Standard 7005:2015 (Construction)
  • DNVGL-SE-0190
  • DNVGL-SE-0073
  • IECRE OD-502 (Projects On- und Offshore)

WindGuard Certification will accompany you throughout the whole process of project certification and thanks to many years of experience, our project managers and engineers stand for a speedy and pragmatic assessment approach.  At WindGuard Certification, we focus on coordinated and structured communication at all stages to provide you with optimal support, ensuring that certification will not impact the critical path of your project timeline.

Our experienced, internationally recognised, experts from WindGuard Consulting and WindGuard Offshore are on hand to support the project certification; particularly with challenges that arise in the study and planning phase, subsoil assessment and integrated load analysis.

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Requests for a reduced project certificate from an independent certification body certificate are becoming increasingly common for onshore projects. This reduced project certificate will confirm the design as in line with the necessary requirements. WindGuard Certification has extensive experience as a certifier for site-specific design assessment and site suitability according to EN/ISO 61400 and IECRE OD-502, for example, examining the suitability of a specific wind turbine for the conditions of a specific site.

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