Test Equipment

Based on our many years of experience in measuring the electrical properties of generating units (PGUs) and components, WindGuard Certification offers the construction of test equipment for individual applications in the low and medium voltage grid.

Test equipment for the medium voltage grid

FRT containers from WindGuard Certification enable fault ride-through tests on generating units in the medium-voltage grid to prove the required dynamic grid support for grid stabilisation in the event of a fault. For this purpose, fault conditions in the public grid are simulated. In this way, it can be tested whether the generating unit reacts according to the requirements and returns to normal operation following a fault declaration without disconnecting from the grid. A wide variety of fault patterns can be set - for example, a dip due to undervoltage and a rise from overvoltage can be regulated variably. Two-phase faults are also possible.

These measurement devices are suitable for manufacturers of generating units such as wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, storage tanks and combustion engines, who want to carry out extensive testing during product development.

We offer versions according to VDE and UL requirements, which are suitable for the USA and Europe.  Our measurement devices have been attracting widespread international interest and we are pleased to announce our cooperation with the South Korean company Plaspo to develop an FRT measurement container on behalf of the South Korean government.

Test equipment for the low-voltage grid

The latest addition to WindGuard Certification's test equipment portfolio is a compact FRT test device for mobile use. In contrast to FRT containers for use in the medium-voltage grid, our mobile test facility is suitable for generating units that are operated on the low-voltage grid and which must also be tested there for their ability to provide dynamic grid support. WindGuard Certification offers a compact and cost-effective solution for this application.

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