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Accreditations & Committees


WindGuard Certification stands for independent services delivered with exceptional quality.


WindGuard Certification is accredited by the German Accreditation Authority (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) for high-quality technical services. This offers you the security of objective, internationally recognised results with a consistently high-quality standard.

Deutsche WindGuard has been supporting offshore project developments and the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) since 2010. With its independent certification body (EN/ISO 17065) and its independent inspection body (EN/ISO 17020c), WindGuard Certification is a recognised certification body (Prüfbeauftragter) for all trades and project phases in the German maritime area according to BSH Standard 7005:2015.

Certification Body – Accredited Services


To view our accreditation certificate, please click here >>> 

Accredited Services:

  • Grid integration and grid connection characteristics of Power Generating Units (PGUs) and Power Generating Plants (PGPs), as well as the preparation of a certificate of conformity for transitional and new plants (Electrical Certification)

  • Procedure for calculating yield losses in the context of feed-in management operations (Electrical Certification)

  • Type and project certification of onshore and offshore wind turbines and their components as well as small and micro wind turbines; (Type and project certification)

  • Certification of condition monitoring systems for onshore and offshore wind turbines (type and project certification)
  • Lifetime extension of wind turbines (Lifetime Extension)

We have flexible accreditation for the majority of our certification procedures. An overview of the currently valid editions is available here >>>

Test Laboratory – Accredited Services


To view our accreditation certificate, please click here >>> 

Accredited services:

  • Measurements of the electrical characteristics of decentralised Power Generating Units (PGUs) and Power Generating Plants (PGPs) (Test Laboratory)



Standards ensure the compatibility of components, safe grid connections, and legal certainty for providers and policy-makers. Worldwide, experts in recognised expert committees are committed to common guidelines and standards. We want things to move forward.

Through our active participation in all important technical and standardisation committees, as well as in international research projects, we are not only at the cutting edge of technology - we shape it. WindGuard specialists are actively involved in the following national and international committees.

National Committees (Germany)


German Wind Energy Association (BWE – Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.)

  • Expert Advisory Board (Sachverständigenbeirat)
  • Working Group for Continued Operation (AK Weiterbetrieb)
  • Working Group for Grid Connections (AK Netze)

Wind Energy Promotion Association (FGW – Fördergesellschaft Windenergie)

  • Expert Committee for Electrical Characteristics FAEE (superordinate committee of FGW TR3, TR4 TR8)
  • Working Group FGW TR3 for Measurement of Units and Systems (WT and Parks)
  • Working group FGW TR4 for Modelling of units and plants
  • Working group FGW TR7 for Verification
  • Working group FGW TR8 for Certification
  • Meeting of the certification bodies
  • Meeting of the measuring institutes

Association of Accredited Certification Bodies (Verband der akkreditierter Zertifizierungsstellen – VAZ e.V.)

  • Member of Working Group for Networks

FNN Expert Network (FNN Expertennetzwerk)

  • EN European Network Codes (EN Europäische Netzcodes)
International Committees


DKE/K-383 / IEC 61400

  • TC88 – various technical committees


  • WG501 – Rules of Procedure
  • SG550 – REMC Stakeholder Group Certification Bodies
  • SG551 – REMC Stakeholder Group Test Laboratories

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee ensures the certification body's independent and impartial work. It is composed of representatives from different stakeholders, holds regular meetings and is independent from any commercial, financial or other kind of influence. You can reach the chairman, Arne Schröder, by e-mail under this link.

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